Publications for Industry/Popular Press

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Media Coverage of Wilson Lab Research

Sterile Insect Technique for Navel Orangeworm
"Progress on Navel Orangeworm Sterile Insect Technique Research" | Aug. 2020 | Pacific Nut Producer | Watch here
"Gains Being Made in SIT NOW Research" | Feb. 2020 | West Coast Nut | Read here
"2019 Sterile Insect Program Update" | Dec. 2019 | UC ANR: Growing the Valley | Listen here
"SIT Update" | July 2019 | West Coast Nut | Read here
"Sterile Insect Research Going Forward" | Jan. 2019 | West Coast Nut | Read here
“Sterile Insect Program in Pistachios" | Jan. 2019 | UC ANR: Growing the Valley | Listen here
"Sterile Navel Orangeworm Project Tweaks Expected" | Jan. 2019 | AgNet West | Listen here
"Female Sterile NOW Moths Did Perform in Trial" | Jan. 2019 | AgNet West | Listen here
"NOW Sterile Moths Not Performing Well” | Dec. 2018. | AgNet West | Listen here
Vineyard Leafhoppers
"IPM Program Helps North Coast Growers in Fight Against Virginia Creeper Leafhopper” | Jul. 2018 | UC Delivers | Read here
“Research Highlights: Flowering Cover Crops Support Wild Bees and a Regional Sustainability Agenda” | July 2018 | California Agriculture | Read here
"Researchers Ramp Up Releases of Tiny Wasp to Improve Biological Control of the Virginia Creeper Leafhopper" | Mar. 2017 | Western Farm Press | Read here
"Virginia Creeper Leafhopper: Fairyfly to the Rescue" | July 2016 | Organic Wines Uncorked | Read here
"Organic farmers are counting on UC to control exotic Virginia creeper leafhoppers" | Feb. 2015 | UC ANR Green Blog | Read here
Navel Orangeworm Ecology and Management
"As Deployment Options Expand, More Growers Use Pheromones to Disrupt Navel Orangeworm" | Apr. 2020 | Ceres Imaging Blog | Read here
"Pistachio Acreage to Keep Increasing, Industry Leaders Say" | Mar. 2020 | West Coast Nut | Read here
"Navel Orangeworm Control" | Nov. 2019 | California Tree Nut Update | Listen here
"Navel Orangeworm Plague Might Be Growing Out Of Control" | Oct. 2019 | Growing Produce | Read here
“The Need for Mummy Nut Sanitation in Almonds” | Dec. 2018.| California Ag Today | Listen here
“Navel Orangeworm Management in Pistachios” | Aug. 2018 | UC ANR: Growing the Valley | Listen here
“Houston Wilson on Navel Orangeworm Management” | Jan. 2018 | California Ag Today | Watch here
Leaffooted Plant Bug Ecology and Management
"Science Based Approach to Plant Bug Control | July 2020 | West Coast Nut | Read here
"LFB in Control for Almonds and Pistachios" | Sept. 2019 | West Coast Nut | Read here
UC Organic Agriculture Institute
"Interview with UC Organic Agriculture Institute Director Houston Wilson" | Aug. 2020 | Down on the Farm 88.1 FM KFCF | Listen here
"New UC research lab focuses on organic crops" | June 2020 | Western Farm Press | Read here
"Houston Wilson Named Presidential Director for the Clif Bar Endowed Organic Agriculture Institute" | UC ANR News | May 2020 | Read here
Grapevine Red Blotch Virus
"Researchers Continue Grapevine Red Blotch Vector Search" | Aug. 2020 | UC ANR Foothills Fodder | Read here
"$163 Billion Grape Industry at Risk Due to Spread of Grapevine Red Blotch Virus" | Feb. 2020 | UC Davis: Daily Aggie | Read here
Cover Crops in Almond Orchards
"Winter Sanitation - Can Cover Crops Play a Role?" | Nov./Dec. 2019 | How We Grow | Read here
"Cover Cropping in Almonds - Exploring Benefits and Tradeoffs | Oct. 2019 | West Coast Nut | Read here
Integrated Pest Management
"The Evolution of Orchard Pesticides" | Aug. 2020 | West Coast Nut | Read here
Cannabis IPM
"Seeking a Better Understanding Regarding Cannabis Production" | Oct. 2019 | California Ag Today | Read here
"UCCE Survey Results on Cannabis Cultivation" | Sept. 2019 | UC ANR | Read here


"Update on Sterile Insect Program for Navel Orangeworm" | Jan. 2020 | UC Statewide Pistachio Day | Watch here


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